Kingfisher scientists specialize in fisheries biology. We have the experience and equipment to offer a range of services for small to large-scale projects.

Assessment and Research

  • Baseline assessment
  • Aquatic impact assessment
  • Fish population inventory
  • Fish habitat inventory
  • Fish habitat suitability assessment
  • Benthic invertebrate inventory
  • Fish passage assessment
  • Fish movement study
  • Fish spawning survey
  • Limnology assessment
  • QAES Code of Practice assessment
  • Fish salvage


  • Guidance interpreting regulatory acts and regulations
  • Liaison with federal and provincial regulators
  • Applications for Fisheries Act authorizations
  • Applications & notifications for Provincial Water Act
  • Development of mitigation plans
  • Development of fish habitat offsetting/compensation plans
  • Development of fish habitat enhancement plans & designs
  • Development of fish habitat remediation/restoration plans


  • Fish population monitoring
  • Benthic invertebrate monitoring
  • Construction monitoring
  • Sediment/turbidity monitoring
  • Habitat utilization monitoring